A detailed review for Ask Nicely

Ask Nicely, in general, is a customer feedback software with high flexibility, which is specifically made to work with business purposes.

This platform enables users to carry out surveys through email, a website or a mobile platform. Its simple form interface will also motivate others to respond. Moreover, Ask Nicely offers support for automated workflows so that you can enter to handle dissatisfied clients.

Plans and pricing

However, Ask Nicely does not provide a particular price on its major product. Instead, you need to contact the company to receive a quote for the tools as well as services you want. The company also comes with a mobile platform in order to better your staff’s performance.


Ask Nicely is designed with many useful features. The platform not only assists you in making surveys but also guaranteeing that you can take proper measures on what you have got.

Customer surveys

The surveys that this platform enables you to create are both simple and efficient. Most questions can receive answers by using a simple button click. For instance, you are able to make questions with answers on a scale from 0 to 10 easily in the software. They can also be sent whenever you meet your clients or wherever you want to work with them, through inbox or a mobile platform.

In addition, the surveys carried out with Ask Nicely are also customized. You are able to add your own branding or make use of a custom color as well as deliver surveys from a custom email domain. Surveys also customize on their own to particular clients according to their responses. Nevertheless, it would be a little bit difficult to take control because question branching is up to the survey score instead of the answers to particular questions.

Automated workflows

Last but not least, the most prominent point found on Ask Nicely is the level of automation. Users are able to set the software to survey a group of clients in an automatic manner in their customer database every month if they want.

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