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A detailed review for TypeForm

Typeform is a really versatile data collection software in general. The platform provides a good flexibility level to create surveys, forms along with questionnaires.

Templates and an interactive designer help the design process become both quick and effortless. In spite of the fact that Typeform provides users with a free plan, you need to pay in order to make the most out of the best tools from this software.

Plans and pricing

Typeform provides a free plan which is useful, but so limited in comparison with the software’s paid plans. You are able to create only 3 forms and they are so restricted to just 10 questions a form without any logic jumps, meaning the personalized routing for respondents according to their answers to the previous questions. Moreover, you can only get up to 100 responses a month.

The paid plans from Type start with the Essentials one for 35 US dollars a month, which will unlock most of the features from the software. You will receive an unrestricted number of forms as well as questions, the capability to gather payments through Typeform, custom form branding and up to 3 logic jumps a form.

The Professional plan, costing 50 US dollars a month, upgrades you to 5000 responses a month and an unrestricted number of logic jumps a form. If you need more, you should go with the Premium plan for 70 US dollars a month.


In general, Typeform is a rather versatile and provides ideal tools both for making forms and collecting the data as well as analyzing it.

Logic jumps are what make the tool stand out from the crowd of other online survey tools. With such a logic jump you can make different forms in one. According to how a respondent delivers answers to a question, they will be taken down into one or two paths for the remainder of the survey. You can also have different logic jumps per form by which you can automatically customize your questions to the personal answering. Last but not least, typeform makes it easier with a wide variety of templates.

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