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A detailed review for Webcast Elite

This software enables customers to arrange their meetings instantly with sales advisors or book appointments using a calendar frame. Otherwise, they will also adapt the outreach frame to a contact form in which partners can deliver inquiries that they do not want to put in the Q&A sector.

There are also customized surveys by which you can understand your audience better and receive feedback through multiple-choice questions relevant to the webinar. Reponses in the back-end analytics suite are analyzed to check how to react on them in order to better upcoming products and services.

Everything on the On24 Webcast Elite’s webinar consoles can be personalized to suit the tone and the visualizers of your branding.

Interface and use

The basic interface of On24 Webcast Elite is really appealing and attractive. Both the front webinar console which customers could see and the back-end analytics suite are truly easy to use. Viewers could also see the features and branding you want them to see at the time you want, and modifying the interface is so easy like clicking a few buttons.

The back-end intelligence suite would collate data collected during the webinar then present it through understandable graphics, making clear such KPIs as the attendance – to – lead pipeline. This software makes everything easier when it comes to integrating marketing software such as HubSpot or business software suites such as Oracle, in order to interpret the webinar’s effects together with marketing activities in an efficient manner.


Customers are provided 24/7 support to assist them in dealing with any technical problems during live events. On24 client service representatives are offered during waking hours so as to offer technical support during any live webinar.


On24 protects customers’ information from being exposed to public by encrypting all the delivered data with SSL certificates assured by an accredited vendor. Databases with data at rest will be saved on self-encrypting drives.

Moreover, On24 offers tools to help customers save the data under GDPR and CCPA. You can also make it more secure by asking all participants to join through an HTTP referral.

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