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A detailed review for Wix website builder

Wi is among the largest website builders on the market. Coming with a huge amount of staff, as well as millions of users, it provides you with all the features you may expect in order to put up a professional site.

When you browse the Wix website, everything is shown in a clear way for you. The service is not only offered with outstanding features but the company also tries its best to be better than other rivals. And there are also a lot of features to appeal to everyone from the total design beginners to big entrepreneurs and skillful web developers.

For example, in spite of the fact that some services provide you with only a few templates, Wix offers more than 500 of which. Its integrated image editor comes with 40 filters like Instagram. The blog also offers support for 26 languages. The App Market has over 200 widgets to pave the way for your site and integrating third-party sites and services.

You can give any Wix premium plans a try without having to pay for up to 14 days. Then you could cancel your subscription if you determine it is not the right option. Wix has four main plans to opt from, all of which offer access to tons of templates and your own custom domain. All plans are also provided with an SSL Certificate and there is no advertisement turning up on your site.

The Combo plan costs 14 US dollars a month and works ideally for those who would like to share their portfolios or personal blogs. This plan provides 3 Gigabytes of storage space, up to 30 minutes of video space and you can pick your own custom domain.

The Unlimited plan is an ideal choice for businesses or freelancers. Costing 18 US dollars a month, it includes 300 US dollars for an advertisement voucher, 10 Gigabytes of storage and up to one hour of video. You will also be capable of utilizing the Wix Site Booster App and Visitor Analytics App for free within one year.

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