A new free ideal tool from Microsoft

Microsoft has released this tool to make surveys and quizzes, which is available to all users while previously it was just available to business and education users.

Microsoft Forms allows users to make their own survey or quiz on any topic and the tool is compatible with any device through the web as well as through the Office mobile platform.

Forms is now available to all users and Microsoft recommends that it can be utilized to collect input and set up plans for a lot of different events from simple group sessions to holiday gatherings no matter where you are. And currently, Microsoft Forms can also be used in virtual classrooms in order to get students involved in funny and interactive exercises with the option to add video.

Microsoft Forms

In spite of the fact that Microsoft Forms is now available for free for those having a Microsoft account, Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers are also able to add more respondents to their surveys or quizzes along with making use of extra templates.

Because Forms takes advantage of integrated Artificial Intelligence technology, the tool is able to deal with most of the heavy lifting regarding creating surveys and quizzes by recommending templates smartly when users need, including advising themes and adding extra questions or answer options according to what users type in the title.

If you are a free user of Microsoft Forms, you are still provided with many templates available to work with invitations for your holidays, your parties, feedback surveys and so on. These themes are made to be different from events to holidays, travelling, learning, food and so on. And you can also utilize your own photos in order to customize your own form.

When your form is done to share, you can use a link or a QR code that can be accessed from any device at any time. When the results are entered, you can also export them directly to Excel for more analysis. Everything can be done easily via this useful and meaningful tool from the tech giant.

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