Consequences when losing teeth

In addition to aesthetics, tooth loss also causes difficulty in eating, negatively affects the remaining teeth, changes the shape of the face …

Dentists say tooth loss can occur at any age. With the elderly, teeth fall out due to aging. However, in young people there are many causes such as genetics, accidents, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis … there is also another cause due to hormone changes during pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can reduce resistance, making teeth more susceptible to bacteria.

Consequences of tooth loss

Causes difficulty chewing and the risk of digestive diseases

According to dentists, the loss of teeth causes many obstacles, including difficulty in eating, the risk of many diseases. People with tooth loss, chewing force are reduced, leading to difficulty in crushing food, and for a long time, limit absorption of nutrients in the stomach and intestines. People who lose teeth are more susceptible to digestive system diseases than ordinary people.

Deflect other teeth

Losing teeth are also disturbed joints, displaced teeth. According to the doctor, if a tooth is lost, the teeth lose the alignment of the joints, the adjacent teeth are easily displaced, and the opposite teeth tend to rise or hang excessively into the space, causing the teeth to be sparse, bump, tilt …

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Bone resorption

Osteoporosis is a potentially serious consequence of tooth loss. Bones at the site of tooth loss begin to fade. In the long run, this condition affects the face, deepening the grooves in the face, making you look older.

Premature aging

This condition also causes premature aging. When the teeth are lost, the jaw bone is destroyed, the cheeks are sucked in, the facial skin is sagging, the skin around the mouth appears wrinkles, making the face much older than the real age.

Causes many oral diseases

Oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis … are easier to appear and indirectly damage the remaining teeth. The risk of losing more teeth increases.

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