Different types of website to know before hosting a web

Before you decide to go with a hosting plan, you should consider carefully the type of website you are going to host. Websites can be divided into two major types.

The simplest options are called the Static websites. These are often hand-coded in HTML or making use of the web design software like Blocs, Rapidweaver and Pinegrow Web Editor before being delivered to the hosting vendor’s server. They are considered to be static as everytime you want to change something, you will need to adopt them on your computer and then re-upload the edited HTML file.

Static websites are much simpler to make and also less expensive to maintain. Nevertheless, they not only offer limited features but also complicate some common online tasks more intricate to adopt, particularly dealing with transactions or interacting with your visitors.

The second type is dynamic websites. Apart from HTML, this kind of website takes advantage of scripts in order to create and update content if necessary. Dynamic websites are often powered by content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla. You can communicate with the website through CMS’s and ease the complexity of important tasks, which can not be done with static websites.

Before you opt for the type of hosting, you should know that both kinds of websites have their own technical demands. For example, a WordPress site will have different demands from a static one. it is highly recommended to spend time considering how you are going to put up your website, which will help you choose the right hosting platform.

Management of a VPS is rather similar to a dedicated host. You need to care for technical tasks relevant to the server. Nevertheless, many hosting vendors provide the choice to pick a fully managed VPS hosting plan in order to ease the maintenance task.

Most people get started with shared or VPS hosting and then upgrade later when their business grows. On the flip side, dedicated hosting tends to be more suitable for websites with so large bandwidth or high storage demands.

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