Everything to know about Bitdefender VPN Premium

The interface is easy to get started with, having a large blue Connect button, the name of your chosen location and when you click it, you will see a list of other options to pick.

The convenient settings also include a choice to launch Premium VPN together with Windows, which will then connect if you connect to an insecure Wi-Fi network and turn on a kill switch in order to block Internet traffic as the VPN drops.

Another extra capability is that it can automatically link when a P2P platform is launched just by checking a box. This would be the first vendor providing this capability in a simple way while a few other have more complicated systems to offer the same result. For instance, the App Protection from Cyber Ghost will enable you to connect automatically to the VPN as you launch any app.


Moreover, the client also offers support for a Dark Mode and about 20 languages. Everything is simple and easy to get familiar, and the core system works rather well. Connection times are also fast, ranging in only 3 to 4 seconds. The vendor also enables changing locations without the need of coming close to the current connection. And desktop notifications will let you know whether you are protected or not.

There is also a quality engine under the hood. Even though you try to employ some tricks to the VPN connection, the client is able to block your Internet traffic instantly and notify an alert. But of course, there are some associated disadvantages here.

First of all, the location list comes without Favorites or Recent lists for connecting more quickly to commonly used servers. There is also no status information about your connection. The client does not show your new IP and if you are making use of the default Automatic mode to pick the quickest location. It even does not tell you what the location is, which is a really important feature because basing on where you are, the client may not always pick a server in your current region.

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