How to turn your Android phone into a completely new phone

Using your phone would turn out to be a more interesting experience than ever with such an ideal update.

Change the default apps

Android allows users to pick default apps for such tasks as opening email links, web pages and media files. Thus, if you are interested in an email application, web browser or media player which is not the one that Android has chosen for you, you can change easily and quickly.

In order to check and change the defaults which have already been installed inside your phone, you can open Settings and choose Apps and Notifications then look for Default apps in the Advanced tab. You are also able to change the digital assistant Android uses yet you will have to install other options such as Amazon Alexa before they turn up in these menus.

Take control over the sounds

You may not focus much on the sound made by your phone, but personalizing the sounds from your device is an ideal way to customize it. You have been provided a lot of choices there, from famous guitar riffs to move sounds. You can also add your own favorite ones if you do not like the available selection.

You can go to the Sound menu in Settings in order to assign various melodies or bells to your incoming calls, messages and other notifications. You can even create various ringtones for your contacts.

Check the theme settings

Android has already released some theming tools for its own products. The exact tools you can see will rely on the make and model of the Android device you are using, as well as how many customizations the brand has provided for the mobile operating system from Google.

For instance, when it comes to Pixel phones, if you head to Settings and choose Display, then pick Styles and wallpapers, you will find a selection of icon shapes, different colors and fonts to opt for. You can also choose from the styles that Google has offered or make your own preferred one.


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