NASA shock detection: The moon is more water than we think.

NASA has discovered that water not only appears in the dark areas of the Moon as previously understood, but also appears on the surface of the Moon illuminated by the Sun.

Recently, NASA announced a shocking discovery: there is the presence of water on the surface of the Moon – even in areas illuminated by sunlight. Previously, we only knew water existed as ice in the dark part of the moon, and that is part of the reason that the next mission will be at the south pole of the Moon, where it is believed that ice can appears in craters, places where the sunlight is not shining.

However, this finding is not too surprising, because in the past NASA scientists as well as researchers have found some signs that water may be on the side of sunlight. But these signs are now confirmed only based on observational data from NASA’s Infrared Observatory (SOFIA) that has detected water molecules in Clavius ​​crater in the southern hemisphere of the Moon.

It took a long time to confirm the presence of water on the Moon, indicating its not so abundant reserves. They found between 100 and 412 parts per million in each cubic meter of rock containing water – the equivalent of a 330ml bottle of water in the entire volcano. NASA said that “the Sahara desert has 100 times more water” than what SOFIA can detect.

The fact that water can survive the relatively harsh conditions of the Moon’s surface when exposed to sunlight is an interesting feat and is well worth studying. Scientists want to find out how water is there and how it can accumulate under such conditions.

And to cater to future explorers, they will likely establish a more permanent presence on the lunar surface in the future, through SOFIA missions while searching for another water field in the mountains fire and in bright areas.

Water is not only essential for the existence of humans, but also an essential resource for rocket fuel to be able to launch spacecraft from the Moon.

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