News to know about AirPlay 2

You can also use such devices as Apple TV or the Amazon Fire TV Stick to stream your favorite films.

The difference between Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth

Different from Bluetooth, AirPlay and AirPlay 2 operate through a Wi-Fi connection and are able to stream audio of higher quality. Users are also able to share video content while Bluetooth can not.

Also, AirPlay and AirPlay 2 come with a wider range of capabilities than Bluetooth, which could have a difficult time getting through walls, meaning you often need to be in the same room for your speaker to work.

AirPlay 2 enables users to stream content to various speakers simultaneously, making a multiform streaming system without the need for more sender devices. On the contrary, Bluetooth and the original version of Air Play only enable streaming to just one device.

 The difference between screen mirroring and screen casting

AirPlay lets you mirror your screen to your chosen smart television, but you may not be clear of the difference between mirroring and casting.

More precisely, screen mirroring is a feature by which you can mirror what is shown on your phone to a bigger screen. You are not able to do any other function with this feature like navigating to another app or checking your messages.

Nevertheless, on the contrary, screen casting enables users to share content in real time, such as images, video and audio through the Internet. When you are casting, only the content being shared will turn up on the screen. Therefore, you can control a movie directly from your phone while still being able to use your phone to do other things without having to pause the video on the screen you are casting.

These are update for the newer and more powerful televisions on the market. If you own one, you can check if your TV is updated with this. You can do this through the settings option as Samsung has already introduced a new firmware update to let Apple TV be enjoyed throughout most Samsung smart televisions.

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