Review Amazon Echo Dot 2020

The Amazon Echo Dot has always aimed at offering smart home owners a solution which lives inside their home and provides enough sound performance for a room. It is also aimed at providing a reasonable speaker for less than 50 US Dollars.

The Amazon Echo Dot 2020 is not an exception. It is small but decently loud and thanks to Amazon Alexa, it can work in a smart way.

However, the downside found on this new Echo Dot is that it tends to come with all the same foibles like the previous devices. It does not come with a Zigbee hub inside whereas it is an ideal choice for those who own a big speaker system, does not suit to the crowd who would like to utilize the Echo Dot as a speaker for their audio player.

More precisely, Amazon has absolutely taken another route when manufacturing the new Amazon Echo Dot. Instead of using a hockey puck shape like the predecessor, the new device has a palm-sized design.

Similar to the larger Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Dot’s spherical chassis is distributed into two elements, including a layer of hard mesh and a plastic back piece along with rubber coverage on the bottom, thus, it is not going to scratch your table. You will also see a plastic translucent ring along the bottom, working as the LED indicator light and notifying you when Alexa is listening, when the microphone is switched off or when the Internet connection is dead.

On the top of the speaker, there are four control buttons for adjusting the volume, turning the microphone on or off and summoning Alexa. There is no need to use them if you do not want to because most of commands can be done using your voice. However, they are good addings.

When you turn the speaker around, you will see a power connector and a 3.5-mm jack which can be utilized as a line out port to deliver the audio signal to an external speaker. This is a useful feature considering the sound quality of this device.

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