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Review an outstanding cloud storage service of this year

Drive also integrates the strong artificial intelligence and technology of Google, maybe one of the best choices in the world.

The definition of cloud storage

In order to understand what cloud storage truly means, you need to learn what the cloud is. First of all, this is a resource, often computing power or storage, that you can access online from a distance for free or with a charge.

You can consider it self-storage services in which you fill cloud storage accounts with your own files. There are a lot of services in cloud storage and many users name them as cloud backup, online storage, online drives, online backup and so on.

In other words, this is a safe virtual space that can be approached through your browser or an application, or a mobile app. The real location of your files is often in a data center, in a server or on a hard drive.

Google Drive cloud storage

As usual, most owners of Android devices choose to use Google Drive because it has already been integrated on their phones, yet users of other platforms also prefer using this service with generous free storage. You are able to store unlimited photos of high definition on your mobile using the companion apps including Google Photos, and take advantage of Google’s office suite, which is known as G Workspace. Moreover, people who are upgrading to paid Google Drive plans will also join Google One.

The suite of features offered by Google Drive through One, along with Google’s Cloud platform, develops constantly.

The tier of 2 terabytes, which provides 10 percent back in Google Store credits, enables the major account user to invite up to five other members for around 80 US dollars with 10 terabytes, 20 terabytes and 30 terabytes tiers on offer, the latter costing approximately 3000 US dollars a year.

There are also some minuses. For instance, the web interface is not convenient to use in spite of the fact that Windows and Mac users could download a desktop to drag and drop files easily.

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