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Review Beats Flex Wireless Earphones

In spite of the fact that this pair of earphones do not have the same popularity or expectation like the iPhone 12 or HomePod Mini from Apple, it was a low-key part in the Apple’s even this month.

The new wireless earbuds from Beats were announced in another press release and their effort is so simple. Basically, they are cheap but still provide premium quality for such earbuds. They come with conventional Beats sound with a traditional look from Beats as well as many of the same features you can find from other Beats headphones, yet at a more reasonable cost.

Some of the features included are the Apple W1 Wireless Chip, an integrated sensor for automatic playing and pausing, a battery life of 12 hours with Fast Fuel and a laser cut micro-venting chamber with a view to reduce the pressure while wearing.

In terms of the design, the earbuds are rather light, weighing just 18.6 grams, while the cord running between them is around 32 inches and wraps around the back of your neck. It may be a little bit heavy and uncomfortable to have your neck wrapped by this long cord, and the two earbuds connected through a cable is not a design of modern day.

But on the contrary, there are some other benefits with such cable. First of all, they are more difficult to lose than wireless options. Secondly, the wire between the two buds can be a home to in-line volume controls, a multifunctional button and a bigger battery by which your headphones can last longer for you.

About the play or pause button, you can make use of the multifunctional button while the Beats Flex are also integrated with a sensor that can pause the music in an automatic manner as you take them off, and return to music when you wear them on. This is truly a useful feature for you to save battery life. Last but not least, charging can be done through a USB-C port on the left side of the earbuds placed near the volume controls.

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