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Review iDrive cloud storage

The development of the online storage solutions leads to the fact that cloud backup options are about to replace conventional on-premise hardware due to economies of scale.

Rather than using conventional storage system with folders and files placed on a single computer, cloud storage distributes that amount of data throughout others’ hardware, such as iDrive, Google or Microsoft.

From there, those structures are known as data centers, along with millions of hard disk drives and solid state drives which are storing billions of gigabytes of content coming from all over the world.

You may even not know if you are using one of the many cloud storage vendors. For instance, if you use Windows 10 or Android, files of yours are stored automatically and securely on a server belong to Google or Microsoft.

IDrive cloud storage

IDrive provides users with constant syncing of their files, even those on network drives. The web interface provides support for sharing files by email, Facebook as well as Twitter. It is good news to know that the files removed from your laptop are not got rid automatically on the server, so you do not need to fear of losing something vital just by accidental pressing the Delete button.

Up to 30 previous versions of all files will be backed to your account. Another thing to remember is that IT admins can gain access to the iDrive Thin Client application by which they can back up or restore, manage settings and carry out other jobs for all the connected computers through a centralized dashboard.

Regarding images, users will receive a neat facial recognition feature by which they can organize them automatically as well as sync them throughout the connected devices. IDrive also offers IDrive Express service delivering users a physical hard disk drive in case they lose all of their data, so that they can restore all the backed up files quickly.

Last but not least, there is an enhanced version, named iDrive business, which provides priority support along with unlimited users and server backup, 250 Gigabytes and 12.5 terabytes of online storage.

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