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Review Jotform form builder tool

Jotform is a strong tool to build forms, but it is simple as its priority is focused on ease of use and collaboration. The software enables different people to edit a form at the same time.

Moreover, the design process is ideal enough for users to make the most out of their surveys, with templates to make it easier to start. In spite of the fact that Jotform is not rather cheap, it is not costlier than other rivals.

Plans and Pricing

Jotform provides an ideal attractive free plan including 5 forms, 100 submissions a month as well as 10 payments a month. For personal users and small entrepreneurs, that may be enough. The only disadvantage here is that your surveys are associated with Jotform branding instead of your own customized logo.

The Bronze plan, costing 19 US dollars a month, will significantly increase your capacity. You are going to receive up to 25 forms and 1000 submissions a month, along with 10 Gigabytes of content space and unlimited storage for response collection. This plan also gets rid of the Jotform branding from all of your results.

The Silver plan, costing a little bit higher at 39 US dollars a month, provides 100 forms and 10000 submissions a month. This plan is aimed at healthcare centers by securing form responses to adhere to HIPAA regulations. The gold plan, coming with 99 US dollars a month, reaches one step further by enabling you to create an unrestricted number of forms.


Jotform provides some ideal tools by which you can put up your surveys and arrange the data to gather. For instance, let’s take a look at the templates and themes. Of course, Jotform is not the only one form builder providing survey templates, yet the huge number of options you can pick is rather impressive. There are over 10000 templates that can be used for free. However, it would be rather difficult for you to look for what you need. The template library is arranged by category, but you could not find your favorite samples used in the past.

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