The best blogging site of 2020: Wix

Free blogging sites have been so popular these years and it is now much easier than before to make your blog with a more professional look in order to share hobby with your friends, show your opinions and set up an online presence.

This free blogging site is aimed at those who want to share hobbies, in which blogs are created and controlled online, and should be hosted on the own servers of blogging platform. If you would like to set up a blog for yourself, the downloadable version of WordPress is an ideal choice, with support for third-party plugins.


Wix provides a wide range of paid subscription plans, but also a free provision in spite of the fact that it is good to note in advance that this comes with some caveats. Thanks to this free product, your site will have Wix branding and you are restricted to only 500 megabytes of data transfer every month, so it is not a suitable option for sites with heavy traffic. In addition to such limitations, you are free to set up a blog with an unrestricted number of pages, and the most prominent point is its powerful blog feature. The editor may be rather simple, but you will receive access to everything you expect, from galleries through to videos as well as music. And there are also many other ways to personalize a post.

You are going to be provided a high level of flexibility by which you can schedule your posts and carry out such things as installing things so that posts can be pushed to Facebook automatically as they are published. For example, there is a function named Wix Bookings by which you can schedule your appointments and classes directly on your website.

And the most prominent point found on Wix is that you will receive Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence editor, which will require you to fill in some basic information about the type of site you would like to create, the features you want and will quickly generate something along those things specifically for you. That is an outstanding feature for novice users.

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