The harmful effects of eating too many sweets on your skin

People who eat a lot of sweets, their skin will be less elastic, more wrinkles, and acne outbreaks may occur.

According to nutritionists, consuming a lot of sweets seriously harms the skin.

Outbreaks of acne

Sugar increases inflammation, preventing white blood cells from killing bacteria, so that more acne will grow on your face.

Increases inflammatory response

When you eat a lot of sweets, your body produces insulin, which regulates blood sugar. However, increased insulin levels increase the inflammatory response, causing the skin to turn red. If you are having acne problems, the inflammatory reaction will make your skin worse.

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Destruction of collagen

Collagen helps increase skin elasticity. Eating more sugar in the body will covalently bind to collagen protein (glycation). This process creates AGEs, which attack the skin’s collagen, making the skin less resistant to wrinkles and making you look older.

Allergic flare-ups

Bad news for allergic people. When you are allergic to anything, sugar can worsen your illness.

Reddened facial skin

Dermatologists often use the term “sugar face” to warn of blushes caused by eating too much sugar. Sugar damages the skin, making the skin red.

Therefore, to have healthy skin, you need to limit eating sweets and drinking plenty of water. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits, legumes, nuts, etc.

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